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      In five minutes Norah Propert had deposited her typewriter in the next room, and was sitting opposite her employer with the breadth of the big table between them. As she had stood in front of him, Keeling noticed that she was tall: now as she sat with her eyes bent on her work, he hardly noticed that she was good-looking, with her light hair, dark eyebrows, and firm full-lipped mouth. What was of far greater importance was that she tore the sheets off her writing-pad very swiftly and noiselessly as each page was filled, and that when she came to some proper name, she spelled it aloud for confirmation. Occasionally when a letter was finished he told her to read it aloud, and there again he noticed not the charming quality of her voice so much as the distinctness with which she read.崂猡イ驶こ�堀Clearly the quarrels which led to warmer attachments had nothing to do with Alice’s late fury about Fysons, and her mother, throwing tact and delicacy about a daughter’s heart to the winds, tried another method of battering her way into it. She could not conceive why Alice did not tell her that Mr Silverdale had proposed to her.ゥア绁蜒い

      �フ�摔辚绚い‘I remember. Stupid, insipid sort of thing. I never could make out why you recommended me to buy it.’─グ钉そ


      ‘You really must do nothing of the sort,’ she said. ‘There are reasons against it: I can’t tell you them.’躔转ぎイ嗓She smiled, or he thought she smiled, and that together with her reply enraged him.ぅぅ抚濂�い亲

      CHAPTER VII饱‘I meant to,’ she said, ‘until I smelt the wind. Then it was impossible. I should not care if every book in the world was burned, I think. And you, not at the Cathedral this morning?’杆隶·イ�播逖哎



      Alice gave a little hoarse laugh.形This also was dreadfully indelicate, but it is not to be wondered at that Mrs Keeling cast a glance into the looking glass, where her reflection looked out like a Naiad amid the water-lilies, even while she reproved her husband for the broadness of his suggestion.胎He found a note for himself on the hall table, and with it in his hand walked into his wife’s room to see if she had returned from church. She was already there, resting a little after the fatigue of worship, and extremely voluble.栾ぅ抓っ

      �钉ヮ谣ほラじ‘That could be managed. I think I may say I could guarantee that.’%ゥい�て飘


      �钉偿According to custom, Mr Keeling, with his two sons, went for a brisk walk, whatever the weather, before lunch, while Alice and her mother, one of whose habits was to set as few feet to the ground as was humanly possible without incurring the danger of striking root, got into the victoria that waited for them at the church-door, on which the fat horse was roused from his reverie and began heavily lolloping homewards. It was not usual in Bracebridge to have a carriage out on Sunday, and Mrs Keeling, surveying less fortunate pedestrians through her tortoise-shell-handled glass, was Sunday by Sunday a little Lucretian on the subject. The matter of the carriage also was a monument to her own immovableness, for her husband, years ago, had done his utmost to induce her to traverse the half mile on her own feet.い榱ガ�ぅ猊à恧吩

      ‘I think so. As you said to me the other day, sir, good work is always cheap in comparison with bad work.’いいゥな�氦ア稿�ぱばぅゥ睦