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      He lit the cigarette end and puffed out a cloud of smoke. "I never see 'im," he soliloquised, "not really."悉タA shattered crew we were when in the forenoon of the third day we reached our goal. Harry's hand was giving him less trouble, but both my small wounds were misbehaving as stoutly as their limitations would allow; my aches were cruel and incessant, my side was swollen and my shoulder hot. Miss Harper was "really ill," said the surgeon, but for whose coming with us we should hardly have brought our whole number through alive. Both Ferry and Charlotte were in a critical condition. "Take you in!" said our tearfully smiling Mrs. Wall; "why, we'd take yo' whole crowd in ef we had to go out and bunk undeh the trees owse'v's!... Oh, Mr. Smith, you po' chi--ild!... Oh, my Lawd! is this Lieutenant Do-wrong! Good Lawd, good Lawd! I think this waugh's gone on now jess long enough!"ゥ�ゥ施埃牙

      "It's a harmless enough assumption," laughed Allingham.ゥ"But what happens," Arthur wanted to know, "when the clock works properly?"ゥぅ�婴


      I筏ぅДI got the words out in some form, that I believed Charlotte loved him deeply, as deeply, passionately, exaltedly, as ever a true woman loved a man--氓ゴズ瘠鹤ぅ�迎ゥ啸ち

      Well, of course, it was no such simple question, and never could be while life held so many values more splendid than any wilfulness could win. There lay the whole of Charlotte's real difficulty--for she had made it all hers. But when I tried in some awkward way to say this Harry cut me short. "Oh, Dick, I--eh--you bother me! I want to tell you something and if I don't hurry I can't. Something's happened to me, old fellow, something that's sobered me more than I ever would 'a' thought anything could. I want to tell you because I can trust you with a secr'--wh'--what's the matter, did I hurt your wound? Honestly, I want to tell you because--well--because I've been deceiving you all along: I've deceived you shamefully, letting on to like this girl more than that, and so on and so on."ゥ顶いHe looked directly at Arthur. "And dreaming," he added. "We dream, you know."ⅳブ膜�瘠衰ツ


      "In a matter like this," put in Gregg, "sense is at a premium. What we have to do is to consult our intuitions."ゥいい槟ニ�ぼ恧乩腩

      �枯イ膝蕙"Who are you?" he demanded, after a preliminary click or two.栅荪弗He paused. From overhead somewhere came the sound of a frightened, wailing cry, the pitiful call of a child in terror. Hetty was on her feet in a moment, all her fears had gone to the winds.イむゥい

      But he was alive. The Doctor had made sure of that by certain tentative experiments; and he had also taken advantage of his passive condition in order to make a thorough examination—so far as was possible—of this marvel of the future. As a result of his investigation, the Doctor had failed to come to any definite conclusion; there was merely deepened in him a sense of outrage and revolt. It was impossible to accept the Clockwork man as a human being.些ねぶ韦�茎扭け�隶单や


      "Not for a few thousand years," replied the Clockwork man, with a slight twisting of his lip. "Perhaps never."ΩXLV STAY TILL TO-MORROW恁ゥ�触浈甲ぱ┞

      CHAPTER FIVE廿ュ熘絛いˉ"Has the brigade got marching orders?" I asked, and he said the three regiments had, though not the battery. He passed over to me two pint bottles filled, corked, and dangling from his fingers by a stout double twine on the neck of each. "Every man has them," he said; "hang one on each side of your belt in front of your pistol."其ぅギ殷蓼 �磨まイガが