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      The next morning the monk was summoned before the abbot; and with the same calm and dignified demeanor that generally characterized him, he obeyed the summons. The two brethren who had conducted him from Gray's cottage, stood at the table, and the abbot proceeded to say, that upon the oath of a respectable witness, he had been observed conversing with an excommunicated woman, and accompanying her to her house, and that those two brethren (pointing to the officers) were ready to avow they had beheld him leave it. "Now," continued Sudbury, "what have you to say? Did you converse with the woman?"蕖ぅ祯ザるい�いゥ∧ぷ戽�イご谣



      �よàゥ啷霖ムFather John, rejoicing that he had listened to the woman's prayer, knelt a few minutes in earnest supplication for the departed, and then rose; but ere he left the cottage, he gently informed the unfortunate Jane of the event.不£�ゆイ毳

      �イ浈イ磬"Where there is a will there is a way, steward, and I should have found means of getting revenge even if you had kept safe at Sudley."àゥΒ�ゥ嗓い

      �ぅい�小イ"Why, monk," asked Richard quickly, "why dost thou appeal to us?"ごイ


      �冥ず"No, no, not the boy," replied Merritt, rather impatiently.ヂ·ゥ"Margaret," said the dying man, as he raised himself a little from his bed, "I know not why I sent for you, or why I dragged my weary limbs from beyond the sea to this place; but as I felt my hour was coming, I longed to look upon you again. You are and have been happy—your looks bespeak it: but, Margaret, what do mine tell of?—Of weary days and sleepless nights—of sickness of heart, and agony of soul—of crime—of pain—of sorrow, and deep, destroying love!" His strength was exhausted with the feeling with which he uttered this, and he sunk back on the bed.にイ

      "Do you know, blacksmith," interrupted the baron, still endeavouring to appear unruffled, "that you are not talking to one of your own class, but to one who has the will—aye, and the power—to compel a satisfactory reply? And I insist," he added, raising his voice, "that you tell me where the bondman abides!"舨寮イ"Why, monk," asked Richard quickly, "why dost thou appeal to us?"àイДづい�肝堡

      "I will go. Can we measure the mercy of the Lord?"捍荬�兢"Why do you not answer, man?" continued Sir Robert, at the same time giving De Boteler a glance, intimating that he wished not to be interrupted. "I know how many the steward promised you, but I desire to know how much you received."砹籍


      "Give me your hand, for a brave fellow," answered Turner, grasping cordially the conceded member. "There are yet a few bold spirits in this manor. I shall seek them, and I'll warrant they will not leave Wat Turner in the lurch for this bout at least. And as for the lock, the foul fiend himself could not scheme or forge a spring that could keep me out for five minutes. Have your friends together in the field at the back of the town. The nights are dark now; and when I hear the clock strike eight, I shall be with you with all the hands I can gather."いとえぅ瓢�绀Гい 悉驻椁�ぅム谊

      "To be sure I do!"钉イ"Yes," replied Holgrave, giving it a friendly pressure; "I thought I knew your voice."猞フ嘿�ぷ睽

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